Session 20

Session 20 of l'École du Magasin is formed by Francesca Agnesod, Nadia Barrientos, Guillaume Hervier, and Andrea Rodriguez Novoa. Having acknowledged its composite nature, our research group started a reflection that is linked to its own status. While developing our curatorial proposition we experienced the vertigo generated by the accumulation of individual contributions until realizing this was a symptom caused by a common agreement on shared authority equally divided amongst participants. Within this collegial construction, voices superpose to accumulate and erode one another, giving way to a discourse that permanently regenerates itself. In order to take advantage of this situation, we decided to develop our methodology from this dynamic. Prior to the production of our collective project, we embarked on the task of rewriting a source-text which proved almost naturally to be the crucible where we can enter into dialogue our individual voices while at the same time establishing a common ground of interests. As a palimpsest, this perpetually mutating text is going to be covered with layers made of successive additions and subtractions, producing en filigrane (like the traces of a watermark) an amalgamation of cohesive strata and revealing on the surface the traces of this collective combination.

As a starting point we decided to question the concept of entropy, the natural process of loss of energy, with regard to planned obsolescence, the artificial and strategical expiry of gestures and products induced by our society. Caught in a paradox that is entailed by a mechanism building and degrading at the same time, the question we want to open explicitly renders the processual form of our project. The progressive mutation of a palimpsest into a more organic textual form, letting some evolutional intertextuality appear, directly resonates with the spreading of our curatorial project tending to go through different formats during its realization. It is led to transcend its initial textual form to become a score whose textual traces' organization will constitute the measures to come. The contributions of the guest participants, which had discreetly been announced by backward echoes, are going to be inserted in-between these measures, interfering and interacting with them.