The guidelines allow to understand the mutating process of the central text, the ongoing statement of the curatorial project by L'Ecole du Magasin's Session 20.

  1. The initial version of the central text is a collective production.
  2. The collective voice is expressed in the color black.
  3. Each individual contribution is expressed in a different color: Francesca Agnesod, Nadia Barrientos, Guillaume Hervier, Andrea Rodriguez Novoa.
  4. The central text is in constant evolution and a new version is published every two weeks.
  5. For each new version, each participant can add up to 2000 characters (including spacing) and spread his/her contributions in up to 5 different parts of the central text.
  6. The collective voice studies the individual fragments and has the possibility to erase 10000 characters (including spacing).
  7. The legacy of individual fragments belonging to the previous version becomes part of the collective voice by changing into black, thus making visible each individual contribution in each new version.
  8. All the different versions of the central text are stacked on each other as visible layers in order to unveil the evolution of the central text and to allow possible readings of its infratextual mutations.
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