Andrea Rodriguez Novoa

Andrea Rodriguez Novoa was born in 1979, Spain. She completed her studies in architecture at ETSAUN and she obtained a degree with a specialization in urban planning in 2004. After working several years for architectural offices as well as on personal projects, ranging from competitions to following-up of construction sites, she begun to take active part in Barcelona's specific cultural context. In early 2007, she co-founded a cultural not-for-profit organization called ellocal48, a platform promoting the works of young artists. As a result of her reflections on globalization, the evolution of creative fields and their representation, she co-founded another structure entitled STIG, a collective formed in Barcelona aiming to create links between different artistic disciplines in order to respond to the multiplicity of events taking place in its orbit. Motivated by an increasing interest regarding contemporary art and curatorial practices, she applied in a master of arts in cultural management at IL3 - UB in 2009, which is being pursued in parallel to her training at L'Ecole du Magasin. Currently, she is interested in the relation between public art and architecture, as well as the power of images within this relationship.