Dora García

Dora García was born in Spain in 1965. Through her work she tests out the sometimes tenuous frontiers that separate reality and fiction. Her pieces – neither actions, nor performances strictly speaking – are impossible to categorize; they use reality as an indispensable condition for their appearance, discreetly subverting its expected reading template. Calling on writing, video and performance in elaborating simple but specific rules, the artist constructs scenarios that short-circuit the conventional relations between the work and the viewer. Intervening in public space as if it were a stage, she questions the relationships of authority and power that come into play in the collective conventions that assume the validity of reality, and first and foremost within artistic institutions.

Exhibitions: I am a judge / Ich bien ein richter, Kunsthalle Bern-Suisse, 2010; ¿Donde van los personajes cuando la novela se acaba?, Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporaneo-Santiago de Compostela, 2009; Be an outlaw, be a hero, Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam, 2008.