Nadia Barrientos

Her eclectic interests (in art, humanities, literature, and astrophysics) allowed her to build and refine an uncommon reflection upon the artwork and its exhibition that she has explored further during her college years. While studying at the Louvre’s school, she has explored various stakes of Art history and the many cultural views it embraces, and defined the context of her thought through the prospects opened by contemporary art field in which she has specialized herself. Art practices which question the visibility of artwork through the subversion of its mode of exhibition, and of its form of transmission have driven herself to nourish a critical reading of exhibition and its ideology during two years of academic research. From fully empty exhibitions to immaterial works that cannot be translated in a visible sphere, the question of the absence introduces some different way to estimate and reflect upon art. Strengthened by this prospect, the analyses that she is currently deepening within the context of a PhD aims to reveal the limits of the artwork and its exhibition in closed echo with the various fields of thought.