Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet

Louise Hervé and Chloé Maillet, born in France in 1981, founded the I.I.I.I. (International Institute for Important Items) in 2001. Through didactic performances, genre films (science fiction films) and installations, they devote themselves to exploring the potential capacities of fiction in discourse. The frictions between archaeology and science fiction they prompt engender “loquacious” situations where the public is displaced in the linear relation that a literal interpretation of the objects they summon up can take. Through various fragments collected in time frames specific to the performances and science-fiction films, they come and question us about the possible  fictions we maintain with reality and the fields of thought and interpretation that science gives rise to in our apprehension of everyday life.

Exhibitions: La caverne du dragon ou l’enfouissement, Galerie Marcelle Alix-Paris, 2010; L’homme le plus fort du monde, Palais de Tokyo-Musée d’Art Moderne-Paris, 2010; We do not live on the outside of the globe (past and future reconstruction), Croy Nielsen Gallery-Berlin, 2010.