Zone d'obsolescence concertée (Zone of concerted obsolescence) is the online space of the curatorial research group formed by Francesca Agnesod, Nadia Barrientos, Guillaume Hervier and Andrea Rodriguez Novoa. As the starting point of our project, this space follows the terms and conditions of an entropic process during which loss of data and signification occurs. Through this reflexive platform, our aim is to feed, observe and question the issues, the profits as well as the drawbacks related to the experience of loss, with respect to the constitution, the circulation and the reproduction of knowledge given our epoch.

Generated around an initial text revealing our curatorial project's problematics in a nutshell by holding the cuttings of theoretical horizons it will cross through time, this site urges us on to regularly add and/or remove fragments following precise guidelines. Gradually enhanced by the addition of hypertextual references as well as the dialogues with our contributors, all the versions of this text will be visible online. However, each revision will make the previous version obsolete by placing it in the background and thus, requiring the readers to perpetually refresh the page. These different versions will breathe life into the measures of a score the contributors will be invited to interpret/perform all along its evolution. Progressively, this site will become an echo chamber, actively amplified by the aggregation of collected materials and the publication of exchanges between our research group and the different contributors, highlighting the evolution of our curatorial project.