Grenoble _ 3 to 18 of June 2006


Magasin d’en Face, 155 cours Berriat

6 of June_ 1900 : « Lecture about nothing  », by Eve Couturier
At nightfall, the public is invited to see a projection of the film realised by Jean-Jacques Palix in 2002 and to hear the reading by Eve Couturier of the text « Lecture about nothing » by John Cage in the yard before the Magasin d’en face. The poetic moment composed of rupture, silence and slowdown will go on on the terrace set up in the yard before the Magasin d’en face for the days of the program.
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7 of June_ 1900 : « The luddites and neo-luddites », by François Jarrige
François Jarrige is a young historian and a co-author, together with Vincent Bourdeau and Julien Vincent, of the book Les luddites. Bris de machines, économie politique et histoire (The Luddites. Breaking of machines, economy, politics and history) (éd. Ère, 2006), which gives a synthesis of ideas about the Luddites rebellion and its successive variations.
In the conference room of the Magasin d’en face he will go back to the history of the rebellion of the beginning of the 18th century and will open up a discussion about the actual development of the movement, going into the effervescent context of Grenoble remarkable for the struggle against nano-technology and GMO.
introduction to the conféerence Luddites and néo-luddites (Fr)

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