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The presented project consists in an organic program of conferences, discussions, projections, and artistic interventions. The heterogeneity — architects, citizens, farmers and artists of which reveals a desire to break with the rigid distinctions, which divide the body of various disciplines and marks the appearance of increasingly specialized and opaque domains.


Participants : ASSOCIATION AMAL - Lara ALMARCEGUI artist - Ève COUTURIER artist composer - Le Festival EST/OUEST association - François JARRIGE historian - Amy FRANCESCHINI and Myriel MILICEVIC artists, members of FREE SOIL collective - Jan KOPP artist - The local FARMERS OF THE GRENOBLE AGGLOMÉRATION : Jérôme Bouilloud, Dominique Roybon, Vincent Rozé, Chantal Tournoud, Marc Bardin, David Médinger, Jean-Claude Mercier - Constantin PETCOU architect, member of the l’atelier d’architecture autogéré - Ghenadie POPESCU artist - Zahia RAHMANI writer and researcher at the National Institute of History of Art
Contributors for e-taz :
Julie AULT artist - Catherine DAVID curator, art historian - Simone FORTI artist - Catherine FURET architect - Krist GRUIJTHUIJSEN and Johan LUNDH artists, curators, participants in the Curatorlab program (Konstfack, Stockholm) - Jan KOPP artist - Emmanuel LOUISGRAND artist-gardener - Pierre MAHEY architect and urbanist - Viktor MISIANO curator, art critic - Nils NORMAN artist - Melik OHANIAN artist - Florian SCHNEIDER writer, filmmaker and net activist - Stefan TIRON curator