Grenoble _ 3 to 18 of June 2006


Association Amal_Café Le Diwan, 57 av. Maréchal Randon

9 of June_ 1900 : « Literary garden », reading by Zahia Rahmani
Founded in May 2006 by the association of french-maghrebian cooperation Amal, cafe Le Diwan is a place for discussions and exchange of the ideas about the Mediterranean culture. Invited to participate in the program of the cafe, we have proposed to Zahia Rahmani, art historian, researcher and writer, to read a selection of texts of her choice coming from contemporary literature and devoted to the garden.
see the images of presentation by Zahia Rahmani

As a place of aesthetic and social exchanges, garden plays a remarkable role in the human history. In the culture of Mahgreb, it is, at first, an enclosed and highly symbolical place out of the city, that later on starts to appear in the urban space, notably on the roofs of the houses. As a meaningful element of this culture, particularly in the literature, the garden is at core of the actual political-ecological debates and is, above all, an organic space of circulation of words.
To introduce this evening of reading, we have proposed to Amal to initiate a construction of a small collective garden on the terrace at the cafe Le Diwan, making a call for the visitors’ participation.