Grenoble _ 3 to 18 of June 2006


La Plateforme, Place de Verdun

Situated in the former Museum of painting of the city of Grenoble, Plateforme is a showcase of urbanistic projects undertaken by the city of Grenoble. Conceived as a centre of information and documentation, it is also considered as a place of exchange between the inhabitants and the professionals of architecture and urbanism.

We have invited the architect Constantin Petcou and artists Lara Almarcegui and Jan Kopp to contribute to this place and to present their works during two evenings of the program.

15 of June_ 1900 : ECObox, by Constantin Petcou
Architect and researcher, member of the Atelier d’Architecture Autogéré (Atelier of self-run  Architecture), Constantin Petcou will come to present the project ECObox, launched together with Doina Petrescu in Paris in 2002. The testimony of the transformation of the industrial wasteland into a collective garden and a place for meetings and debates by the inhabitants of La Chapelle district appears as an essential counterpoint to the projects of urban renovations undertaken by big cities by putting the principle of participation and the intention to give a voice to the underprivileged population into the core of the project.
see the images of presentation by Constantin Petcou

16 juin_ 1900 : La ville interstitielle, rencontre entre Lara Almarcegui et Jan Kopp
The presentation of Lara Almarcegui will be devoted to the study of places which escape the definition of architecture or a city that constitutes her artistic practice and will dwell on the demolitions, wasteland and self-constuction through the display of her works.
see the images of presentations by Lara Almarcegui and Jan Kopp
see the extract from the video of the conference of Lara Almarcegui

Jan Kopp is going to present his works and particularly the current project of the partial reorganisation of the district Les Eaux-Claires/Mistral/Rondeau in Grenoble which is a  work in collaboration with an architect Djamel Klouche commissioned by the city of Grenoble.
Both artists propose a critical reading of existing models of urban development and interrogate the status of wastelands and the availability of interstitial spaces iniating a discussion about the habitability of contemporary cities.
see the images of presentations by Lara Almarcegui and Jan Kopp
see the extract from the video of the conference of Jan Kopp