Grenoble _ 3 to 18 of June 2006


Magasin d’en Face, 155 cours Berriat

3 of June_  1500 : Market of the opening
The farmers of Grenoble region have been invited to come and sell their products – fruits, vegetables, honey etc. – on the parking of Magasin d’en face transformed into the open-air market exceptionally for the day of the opening of the program.
The international collective of artists Free Soil, who gives support for critical art practices that reflect and change the urban and natural environment, has been invited to create the images printed on the paper shopping bags used and distributed on the market by the farmers. The bags are multiple artworks and simple practical objects that transport the message of the artists. The phrases « nous voulons tous une terre » (we have a right to grow), « plus près, plus frais » (the closer, the fresher) and « les petits producteurs plus vrais » (local farmers are for real) are the statement that privileges the local market over the global system of supermarkets and evokes the characteristic features of the contemporary political-economical system. Accompanying us in the daily life through simple everyday actions, the bags invite us to become aware of our choice and to realize the force and meaning of the most simple everyday actions.
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18 of June_ 1230 : Potluck dinner
All the partners and collaborators of the project (local farmers, communities, assosiations etc.), as well as all the visitors that we have met during fifteen days of the events, are invited to take part in the potluck dinner organized on the last day of the program.