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Call for Proposals

Comp_07 : MIXED REALITIES,Turbulence, New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., New York, USA.

MIXED REALITIES : (1) a competition and series of simultaneous exhibitions that engage users in three discrete environments : the Internet (Turbulence), an online 3-D rendered environment (Ars Virtua/Second Life), and physical space (Art Interactive) ; (2) works that evaluate the concepts "virtual," "simulation", and "real" ; (3) a series of experiences in which participants connect with one another and contribute to the creation of the work. Five commissions @ $5,000 (US) each. More >> www.turbulence.org/comp_07/guidelines.htm

NOTE : While collaborative projects are preferred they are not a requirement. We have set up a FORUM for applicants to ask and answer questions and seek collaborators. GO TO FORUM >> http://transition.turbulence.org/forum/index.php

JURORS : MICHAEL FRUMIN, Technical Director Emeritus, Eyebeam ; NATASHA KHANDEKAR, Director, Art Interactive ; JAMES MORGAN, Director, Ars Virtua ; TREBOR SCHOLZ, Founder, Institute for Distributed Creativity ; HELEN THORINGTON, Co-Director, Turbulence. See bios >> http://www.turbulence.org/comp_07/guidelines.htm#jurors IMPORTANT DATES :

Proposal Deadline : March 31, 2007 Notification : Winners will be contacted after May 15, 2007 Delivery : Works must be completed by February 2008


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