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Call for applications

Jan van Eyck Academie
Post-academic Institute for Research and Production Fine Art, Design, Theory

Artists, designers and theoreticians are invited to submit research and production proposals to become a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academie. Candidates can either apply with a topic of their own or for a project formulated by the institute itself. In order to realise these projects, the Jan van Eyck offers the necessary made-to-measure artistic, technical and auxiliary preconditions.

Candidates can apply to a department or a collective research project. The academic year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Research candidates can apply for a one-year or two-year research period starting annually on 1 January. It is also possible to apply to do research for a different period and with a different starting date.

Deadline : Friday 13 April 2007

More information about the application procedure can be found at

Jan van Eyck Academie Academieplein 1 6211 KM Maastricht Netherlands


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