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Call for papers

Models, Metamodels and Contemporary Media

This issue of the Fibreculture Journal pays close attention to the roles that models play in contemporary media, the adequacy of these models to new media cultures, and the state of methods and disciplines based upon various models. The issue departs from F�lix Guattari’s suggestion that new, transdisciplinary metamethodologies are needed in order to upset existing formations of power and knowledge. It seeks discussions of modelling operations involved in contemporary media practices and cultures, and of the invention of new models in a transdisciplinary context. It also seeks critical evaluations of the current mix of models at work (and play) within new media cultures. Submissions could engage specifically with media models, but also with other models (such as models of thought or communication) insofar as they engage with - or are challenged by - contemporary media ecologies.

Abstract due : February 27, 2007

source : www.berlinerpool.de


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