Elena Yaichnikova

La Box, galerie de l’Ecole d’art de Bourges, accueille pour la saison 2007-2008 les projets d’Elena Yaichnikova et Nicolas Audureau. Le premier Colocation #1 a ouvert le 18 octobre jusqu’au 17 novembre avec une intervention de David Ter-Oganyan (artiste) en collaboration avec Ilya Budraitskis (historien). Le 23 octobre, Viktor Misiano, commissaire d’exposition, critique d’art, donne une conférence. L’Ecole d’art à l’heure de Moscou ! Pour lire les intentions du projet :


La Box, the exhibition space in the art school of Bourges, is welcoming Elena Yaichnikova and Nicolas Audureau’s projects for the 2007-2008 season. The project series called Colocation #1 (Living Together) Can artists help us to live together ? is starting by an invitation to David Ter-Oganyan (artist) with the collaboration of Ilya Budraitskis (Historian).
"Living Together" programme is a series of invitations by Elena Yaichnikova and Nicolas Audureau to artists to create projects specifically for la box. Each contribution is integrated into the la box space and the economic and social life of the city of Bourges, and raises various questions about the concrete impact of art : the artist’s civic and ethical responsibility, reassessment of issues according to context, and specific explorations in the art domain. Plus, ultimately, the need for coexistence based on the sharing of resources.


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