Cette rubrique propose une sélection de messages concernant l'actualité internationale de l'activité curatoriale, artistique et intellectuelle.

Call for proposals - First Review

Group "VERS" First Review

We would like, in accordance with our desire to share and to exchange our visions, to design an open space capable to welcome and embrace multiple projects, discussions and viewpoints originating from various cultural backgrounds.
In order to play a part in the construction of a common identity and to facilitate intercultural dialogues, we create an multilingual review that should be alternatively distributed in Europe. The review will endeavour to develop different themes and current of thoughts from any disciplines. This periodical will be exclusively made out of documents gathered from calls of proposals and of topics written as well as selected by the members of the European group VERS. The aim and objective of each issue will be to generate a space of reflection and exchange where perspectives will converge on a specific theme. We therefore strongly encourage interested parties to submit their project to us with reference to the theme suggested.

Applicants will come from diverse fields of practice and professional backgrounds : Arts, Sociology, Literature, Philosophy, Music, Science, etc… Any format printable on paper : texts, drawing, sketches, photos, illustrations, etc…

DATE OF PUBLICATION : September, 2007 DOCUMENTS REQUIRED : We only accept electronically submitted proposals. The file size should not exceed 6 MO. The pictures must respect the jpeg, tiff, or PDF format, and have a correct resolution. The texts must respect the doc, txt, or rtf format.
Applicants will have to attach the necessary information to their files : Personal details (Surname, First name, email, address and telephone number) A description of the project, (Maximum one page). Relevant notes can also be associated.
An English translation of your work as well as the original document is required.

MOBILE : 0033 (0)
location : Paris ( France)

source : http://www.berlinerpool.de


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