A project in three times and spaces about access to document in contemporary art and its research

2007-2008 / the Participants in the 17th Session /
Virginie Bobin - Lucile Bouvard - Frida Carazzato - Maria Garzia - Julia Kläring - Silvana Silveira Rivero

Point.doc results from the research in Annick and Anton Herbert’s collection. The Herberts are working at the opening of a Foundation where the mininal and conceptual art collection will be displayed as well as the extended collection made of hundreds documents from 1972 up to now. The necessity of a complex rendering of the research was obvious to the Participants who proposed :

Hypothèse pour une histoire is an exhibition based on documents selected from the Herberts Collection and dated on 1989 and 1990. The display was organized in order to show their intimate relationship with the collection and its link with Art History and the socio-political issues of the time.

Access To Document / Access through Document : a collective thinking on the issues of the document and its access in contemporary art practices and research. Thanks to a carte blanche invitation made by Interface (a non for profit organization based in Dijon), the Session could release the #22 issue of the free magazine horsd’œuvre (6000 copies). Download here the complete presentation of the project (pdf)

The Instant Archive www.ecoledumagasin.com/session17 works as a virtual space for documentation, research and reflexion. The Participants were committed to share their hypothesis of work and to put its development in circulation and debate.


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