Everybody Wants to Rule the World / Harald Szeemann Individual Methodology

2006-2007 / The participants in the Session 16 /
François Aubart – Julija Cistiakova – Kim Haeju –Lucia Pesapane – Fabien Pinaroli – Karla Roalandini - Yuka Tokuyama – Sadie Woods have developed a research project on Harald Szeemann’s curatorial practice. They were granted with an exceptional access to his archive in Maggia (Switzerland) allowing a focus on his Agency and the archive. They are notably described in the book Harald Szeemann Individual Methodology , as the tools he developed for his autonomy towards the institution. The book is released under the editorial direction of Florence Derieux who tutored the research project.

In order to make an actualization of curatorial practice issues, the participants in the 16th Session have produced a second project based at the 2007 contemporary art Biennial in Lyon and called Everybody Wants to Rule the World . Stephanie Moisdon and Hans Ulrich Obrist, the two directors of the Biennial, invited 50 curators to participate in the program. Better to say "in the game", as the project was presented for such, the curators standing as the players. The 16th session has recorded interviews given by some of these participating curators and other personalities and compiled them in a 90’ film. The film as well as the book were presented at Magasin and in other places (in Japan, in Lituania) depending on the Session’s organization of the diffusion.



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