A Step Aside

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2005-2006 / 15th Session /
Daphné Brottet - Lore Gablier - Stéphane Ibars - Vladimir Us - Elena Yaïchnikova,

Curators of “A step Aside

The presented project consisted in an organic program of conferences, discussions, projections, and artistic interventions. The words « Circulate – Eat - Slowdown – Share – Inhabit » untitled the different chapters of the program questionning the « invisible resistance of individuals ».
It took place in different locations of the town, The curators moved to a space open to the public in the Magasin, that they organized as a working place for the administration and daily documentation of the on-going project. During the 2 weeks, they were available to meet with the visitors sharing a coffee as well. They were also interviewing the guests of the e-taz on the website. The heterogeneity of the invitations — architects, citizens, farmers and artists - reveals a desire to break with the rigid distinctions, which divide the body of various disciplines and marks the appearance of increasingly specialized and opaque domains. To reach and mix different kinds of public was one of the goals of this project.

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