An Old Song and a New Drink

Angela Bulloch, Liam Gillick. An Old Song and a New Drink, 1993-2014
Reactivation of the performance, drone, camera

A way to kill time at the edge of an institution. The work was first presented in 1993 at the Café Beaubourg in Paris while the song Ten Commandments of a Man Given to a Woman by Prince Buster played over the sound system. The same piece of reggae was broadcasted throughout the evening together with whiskey, unique available drink during the performance that helped the participants of the performance to enter a state of trance.

The administrative and institutional context of 2014 does not allow the reactivation of the performance in public procedures. Indeed the distribution of alcohol by a public institution is prohibited or subjected to heavy prefectural permissions imposing a rhythm and anticipation contrary to the spirit of the work. It is interesting to note that if the places of art transform any object or action into an artwork, alcohol in this performance has remained in a state of goods subjected to legal criteria and therefore prohibited. Angela Bulloch has decided to reactivate the performance during a private event at MAGASIN. A drone equipped with an HD camera is used to film the performance. The film is released in the Halle Rebattet, a building undergoing renovation located facing the MAGASIN, and not accessible to the public today. Visitors can see the film through the large windows of the building.