The École du Magasin was founded in 1987 as one of the activities of the art center Magasin in Grenoble. As the first international curatorial studies program in Europe, it was set up to provide a professional environment for a rigorous combination of research and practice. Emphasis is placed on the exhibition as an open platform in which different fields or strategies of representation can be drawn on. The École encourages various curatorial approaches that include not only how a project takes form but also how aesthetics can be combined with the aim of providing information; how to take into account and integrate newly developed network cultures and technology; how a curatorial project can be understood in a given context; and, finally, how it can express the specific curatorial working-group process which is central to the École philosophy.

Six participants from Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Italy, Lituania and Poland form session 23 of the École du MAGASIN:

Claire ASTIER  /  Neringa BUMBLIENÉ  /  Paola BONINO  /  Giulia BORTOLUZZI  /  Selma BOSKAILO  /  Anna TOMCZAK

This website is a documentation of main projects realized during year 2014 by session 23: the exhibition Liam Gillick From 199C to 199D. In association with session 23the publication alongside the exhibition and a series of video interviews which will be included in a feature movie Smells like team spirit.