How to act in the public sphere

How to act in the public sphere / Comment agir dans la sphère publique

Round table

29th may 2010, 16:00, pedagogic room, Le Magasin- CNAC

Bruce High Quality Foundation / Claire Fontaine

How to act in the public sphere considers that the proposals/ideas/speculations/suppositions that would not survive in the fields of economy or politics can thrive in the field of contemporary art. In order to discover tangible effects of what happens when artistic proposals in publication and open discussion are brought to the public, Bruce High Quality Foundation and Claire Fontaine have been invited contribute new works in publication and in an Open Talk to respond to the questions: What possibilities exist for action within the public sphere? How do we learn, unlearn and relearn together? These and other questions will be posed to the artist collectives in advance for their independent responses.`

Table ronde

29 mai 2010, 16h, salle pedagogique, Le Magasin- CNAC

Comment agir dans la sphère publique considère que les propositions / idées / spéculations / suppositions qui ne pourraient pas survivre dans les domaines de l’économie ou de la politique ne peuvent pas prospérer dans le domaine de l’art contemporain. Afin de découvrir les effets tangibles de ce qui arrive quand des propositions artistiques, telles une publication et une discussion ouverte, sont partagées avec le public, Bruce High Quality Fondation et Claire Fontaine ont été invités à contribuer à travers la production d’une nouvelle oeuvre et la participation à un open talk à répondre aux questions suivantes: Quelles sont les possibilités de l’action artistique dans la sphère publique ? Comment pouvons-nous apprendre, désapprendre et réapprendre ensemble ? Ces questions, parmi d’autres, seront posées à chacun des collectifs d’artistes à l’avance.

Bruce High Quality Foundation, founded in 2001. Lives and works in New York.

The Bruce High Quality Foundation, the official arbiter of the estate of Bruce High Quality, is dedicated to the preservation of the legacy of the late social sculptor, Bruce High Quality. In the spirit of the life and work of Bruce High Quality, we aspire to invest the experience of public space with wonder, to resurrect art history from the bowels of despair, and to impregnate the institutions of art with the joy of man’s desiring. Founded on September 11th, 2009, Bruce High Quality Foundation University is a space for unaccredited, self-directed, collaborative higher education and research. Courses are proposed by participants and some include BHQFU Writing Group, BHQFU Detective Agency and Build Your Own University. Recent solo shows include Susan Inglett Gallery (New York), Happy Endings, W Hotel (Miami) Empire, Cueto Project (New York), Cats on Bowery, La MaMa La Galeria (New York), and recent group shows include The Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum (New York), Greater New York, PS1 (New York), Dreamlands, Centre Pompidou (Paris), and Cannibal Dominoes (Murcia), Spain.

Claire Fontaine, founded in 2004. Lives and works in Paris.

After lifting her name from a popular brand of school notebooks, Claire Fontaine declared herself a “readymade artist” and began to elaborate a version of neo-conceptual art that often looks like other people’s work. Working in neon, video, sculpture, painting and text, her practice can be described as an ongoing interrogation of the political impotence and the crisis of singularity that seem to define contemporary art today. But if the artist herself is the subjective equivalent of a urinal or a Brillo box – as displaced, deprived of its use value, and exchangeable as the products she makes – there is always the possibility of what she calls the “human strike.” Claire Fontaine uses her freshness and youth to make herself a whatever-singularity and an existential terrorist in search of subjective emancipation. She grows up among the ruins of the notion of authorship, experimenting with collective protocols of production, détournements, and the production of various devices for the sharing of intellectual and private property.

Recent shows include, Arbeit Macht Kapital, Kubus, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, They Hate Us For Our Freedom, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Lucky In The Misfortune, Masion Descartes, Institut Français des Pays-Bas, Amsterdam, Feux de Détresse, Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris et Claire Fontaine, The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers, 2.10, CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, San Franscisco. Claire Fontaine is represented by Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York, T293, Napoli, Galerie Neu, Berlin and Galerie Chantal Crousel / Air de Paris, Paris.

She is now preparing a book around the concepts of ready-made artist and human strike.