The words tool

…Le parole sono importanti…, Palombella Rossa by Nanni Moretti

“The Malady of Writing” Podcast Radio program
By Kenneth Goldsmith, poet and cofounder of UbuWeb
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© Adrian Williams "The Right Triangle", 2008

Fictional text by artists

Bernadette Corporation, Reena Spaulings, 2004. Semiotext (e)
Guillaume Leblon/Thomas Boutox, L’Entretien, 2009. Paraguay Press
Dexter Sinister, Portable Document Format. 2009. Sternberg Press
Miranda July, No one belongs here more than you. 2007. Scribner
Ahmet Ögüt, On to the Road to other Lands. 2008. A Prior Magazine. 5th Berlin Biennal