An Artist Trick on You

Teru Teru

“I called the game killdeer because of the bird. Heard my mother tell a customer once that she liked the killdeer bird because killdeer placed a trick on you. Trick was, killdeer acted like her wing was broke so that fox or coyote would follow her away from her nest.

One day I found a killdeer bird and followed her. That´s just what she did-played as if her wing was broke so I´d follow her away from her nest.

Thought that bird was pretty smart to do that.

I was a lot like that bird.

The killdeer game was I was looking for something, but I didn´t know what I was looking for. Was killdeer I was looking for.

Trick was, though, if you acted like you were looking for killdeer, you´d never find killdeer.

You had to be killdeer.

Something else with the killdeer game-if you didn´t want somebody to see you, they couldn´t see you.

Couldn´t match the bird, couldn´t find the nest, couldn´t  see me”

Spanish Version

SPANBAUER Tom, The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon, p. 12, (english version) and p. 25 (spanish version). (by Sara Fuentes)

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