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How to work better

This image has been borrowed by Session 19 (b. 2009, Grenoble, FR) from artist Ryan Gander (b. 1976, Chester, UK) who borrowed it from Fischli/Weiss (b. 1952 and 1946 Zurich, CH).
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The Ideal Institution

For financial reasons, the Ideal Institution is in the Netherlands, Norway or Canada, or perhaps has offices in all three countries which produce three autonomous yet interconnected streams of activity. Scratch that. It has one autonomous office in Malmö, Sweden: The Office for Research. The Office for Research has the support of two patrons, and three [...]
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Don’t blame the artists.

Let Me Tell You About My Curatorial Project Don’t blame the artists. Sure, as curators, we’re married to artists. If we’re not, we are certainly dating them, seeing them in cameo appearances in dreams or stalking them on Facebook in our spare time. (All metaphorically speaking here, of course.) The ink on that contract has been dry [...]
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Avatar vs Agent

We find within popular culture a range of fictional forms – a spectrum, if you will. At one end, we discover the Avatar. At the other end, we encounter the Agent. (Let’s immediately rule out the theological use of the word Avatar as used in Hinduism, which in English is roughly translated to manifestation or [...]
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