Lettres Vidéo

Lettres Vidéo
Julia Kläring

The specific format of video letters were chosen by the session 17 to dialogue with the collectors Annick and Anton Herbert.
A first letter was produced and sent in december 2007, to present the participants of session 17, their working space and the state of research.
In febuary 2008 a second video letter was presented to show the first hypothesis on our curatorial project.

Have a look on these video letters in the following articles :

First video letter, dec. 2007, length 6’43
Second video letter, feb. 2008, length 11’48

As an interesting reference, there is a video dialogue of Robert Morris and Lynda Benglis, done in 1973, called "Exchange" that is available on UbuWeb.

UbuWeb : Lynda Benglis
UbuWeb : Robert Morris