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Selma Brody - AWC 1969 Open Hearing

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Kirsten Forkert

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I first came across the statements from the Art Workers’ Coalition 1969 Open Hearing while doing some library research about the history of artists’ involvement in the labour movement. The statements consisted of a stack of photocopies of typewritten and in some cases handwritten documents. Some of the documents had been photocopied multiple times and were barely legible. Some of them had been overwritten, and all the editing changes were visible (this was before word processing, or even computers). As I researched further, I found out more about the Art Workers’ Coalition...


Kirsten Forkert is an artist, critic, activist and PhD student at Goldsmiths College in London, UK. Her research is about artistic labour in relation to postindustrialism, as well as labour organising in the arts. She is also involved with the Micropolitics research collective and Rampart, a social centre in London, as well as the Radical Art Caucus of the College Art Association.

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