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/ Lora Sana & Document of Document, Dertnig/Hauser, 2008

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Carola Dertnig and Juma Hauser

short Bio

"Lora Sana & Document of Document" is a project based on a historical research on women’s role in art history (Viennese Actionism). Parts of interviews constitute the story and thus the figure of Lora Sana who draws over the documentary images - in order to scrutinize gender roles for fictitious documentation, memory and historiography.

...You’re asking why I participated. I thought that the passive role as a victim that we had in society was the subject of our actions. I’m not so sure anymore. I can detect a certain instrumentalization of my body in the photos. That some of them were emphasized happened later on. I also did my own actions. Looking back, those who were not there are the ones who convey the legends...

In spring 2004 “Lora Sana” materialized for the first time within the performance “Lora Sana & phone” and was confronted with the figure of a young dedicated artist researching in oral history. The performance was simultaneously enacted in two different spaces : on stage Dertnig as Lora Sana and in a close-by coffeehouse.

Connected via mobile phones, from different points of view, they raised questions on today’s approach towards actionism and it’s historization in today’s popular culture, thus enabling a different view of the legendary images. Every now and then the discussion was interrupted by Hauser’s stage directions addressing Dertnig.

The performance lecture “Lora Sana & document of document” aims to negotiate reproduction, potential nature and purpose of the oral document. How is it possible, in awareness of the relevance and potential of used archive material, to perform and therefore produce new archive material into an ever changing discourse, especially dealing with a live-performance’s immanent immediateness ? How can we deal with a compressed materialized former live act from then on following the new material’s rules ?

“Lora Sana & document of document” documents a document’s documentation. Dertnig and Hauser appear as themselves, enacting a vivid, yet poetic discussion on own experiences as performers and challenged archivists, occasionally switching roles and hierarchies to the ones of their performances. Discursive and visually, parts of earlier live acts and documentation are rhythmically arranged with historical and potentially fictitious documents.

Biographies :

Carola Dertnig born in Innsbruck, lives and works in Vienna.was a participant in the 1997 Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in New York and is a Professor for Performance Art at the University of Fine Arts Vienna and is teaching as a guestprofessor at Cal ARTS in LA. Dertnig’s work has appeared in several exhibitions at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Artists Space, New York, Museum of Modern Art,New York and the Secession Vienna.

Juma Hauser lives and works in Vienna, studied art history, Vienna University and Conceptual Art and Performance at Academy of fine Arts, participated in exhibitions and curatorial projects at e.g. 3rd Berlin Biennale Berlin ; Secession Vienna ; Museum of Modern Art, Vienna