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Archives, Documents ? : Forms of Creation, Activation, and Use

Renée Green (2008)

This is a conversation with a collection of documents. They include a combination of video footage, still photos, books and periodicals. I’ve decided to allow words spoken in the video documents to insinuate themselves in my activity of writing.

“History is always also about now.”
[Raqs Media Collective, Spheres of Interest seminar. February 2006, video documentation]


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Renée Green is artist and Dean of Graduate Studies at San Francisco Art Institute. Via films, essays and writings, installations, digital media, architecture, sound-related works, film series, and events, her work engages with investigations into circuits of relation and exchange over time, the gaps and shifts in what survives in public and private memories, as well as what has been imagined and invented. Green also focuses on the effects of a changing transcultural sphere on what can now be made and thought. Her exhibitions, videos, and films have been seen throughout the world in museums, galleries, biennials, and festivals. Some of these include international solo exhibitions. Green has contributed writings to various publications.