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Tobia Bezzola

During our trip in Switzerland, we visited the Kunsthaus Zürich to meet with curator Tobia Bezzola, whom worked closely with Harald Szeemann. Szeemann was contracted as an independent curator for the Kunsthaus in 1981 and curated exhibitions, such as Victor Hugo (1989) and "Emotion, Reality" (1996). During his curatorial residency at Kunsthaus, Szeeman curated Joseph Beuy’s retrospective at Centre Pompidou (1993), Lyon Biennale (1997), Venice Biennale (1999 and 2001), amongst many other exhibitions. Also, during his time at the Kunsthaus, Szeemann traveled often as the face of the museum, building relationships with artists and art business persons to organize shows at the Kunsthaus, all while working at la Fabbrica (1969), his personal archive in Tegna.

Bezzola has held the position as curator at Kunsthaus since 1995. Currently, he is working on the publication Harald Szeemann, to illustrate in great detail the exhibitions and work of Szeemann previously unpublished. The book is scheduled for release this fall.

These three interviews are edits from our interview with Bezzola. It’s divided into three main issues which we consider important and enlightening for our research.

We thank again Tobia Bezzola for his time and interview.

Text and Video editing: Sadie Woods

part 1

Szeemann Era (04mn 30s)

part 2

Szeemann as an independent curator (04mn 30s)

part 3

Issues of Archiving (0mn 53s)


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