Film "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"
Presentation in Japan 3

23 January 2008

Our film will be presented, in occasion with a symposium on curation at remo/ record, expression and medium organization by Yuka Tokuyama and Mizuki Endo, the director of the ARCUS Project in Ibaraki.

Conference : Hard Core of Curatorial Practice 2, Osaka
@remo, 22 January, 2008

produced by Mizuki Endo and Yuka Tokuyama
organized by Yuka Tokuyama and remo
in collaboration with Osaka Arts-Aporia

Yuka Tokuyama (Curator, Researcher)
Nov Amenomori (Curator, Breaker Project)
Takeshi Tamura (Director, Shin-bi, P-hour)
Miho Nakanishi (Director, Osaka Arts-Aporia)
Atsushi Matsumoto (Researcher, AHA ! project, remo)
Mizuki Endo (Curator, rhythm)

Presentation : Everybody Wants to Rule the World
@remo, 23 January, 2008
Video, Color 91’
English/French with Japanese translation


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