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Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Rule of the Game

On the occasion of professional preview of the 9th Lyon Biennial on 17-18 September 2007, seven participants of the 16th session of the Ecole du Magasin are organizing a game within the game at the Institut d’Art Contemporaine in Villeurbanne.

The organizers of this game are inviting the players of the Biennial to answer one particular question that will be sent to them in advance:

During ten months we, the participants of the 16th session, were researching the methodology of Harald Szeemann and the tools he created himself to develop his autonomous practice. What are the specificities that make your own curatorial practice unique?

Ten years ago, in 1997, Harald Szeemann was invited to curate the 4th Lyon Biennial. He was alone to identify L’Autre (The Other). This year, the 9th Lyon Biennial is guided by Stephanie Moisdon and Hans-Ulrich Obrist who invited 50 curators to write a history of an unfinished decade. The playful form of this Biennial allows the organizers of this game within the game to have an overview on the multiplicity of curatorial practices.

There is no specific selection among the players of the Lyon Biennial. Those who will respond to the invitation will participate in this project. The answers will be video recorded and they should not extend 10 minutes. Some Jokers are planed. The organizers keep the right to ask the question to persons who are not players of the Biennial.

After the game is over all the answers are added in a DVD film to form a collection of samples of opinions about curatorial practices within a given time. The final non-homogeneous, non-exhaustive, non-scientific results are valid.

The organizers will present the result of this game for the first time to the public on the 6th October 2007 at Magasin, National Contemporary Art Center of Grenoble.

Organizers of the game within the game
François Aubart, Julija Cistiakova, Haeju Kim, Lucia Pesapane, Fabien Pinaroli, Yuka Tokuyama, Sadie Woods.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World is a song recorded in 1985 by Tears for Fears – a band of white young men, representatives of the 1980s and of the rising of a new form of consumer society. The theme of guitar was sampled in 2001 by Nas – a black American who represent cultural and economical evolution of the music industry.


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