The École du Magasin is a curatorial training program, one of the activities of the art center the MAGASIN in Grenoble, France. Established in 1987, The École was set up to provide a professional (institutional) environment for a rigourous combination of research and practice.


    Seven participants from France, Italy, Turkey and the United States form the 24th session of the École du MAGASIN:

    Betty BIEDERMAN (b. 1990, France)

    Constanza CIABITTI (b. 1987, Italy)

    Sophie LVOFF (b. 1986, USA)

    Martina MARGINI (b. 1988, Italy)

    Théo ROBINE (b. 1990, France)

    Asli SEVEN (b. 1981, Turkey)

    Chloé SITZIA (b. 1991, France)


    Publications released by the École

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