The École du Magasin is a curatorial training program, one of the activities of the art center the MAGASIN in Grenoble, France. Established in 1987, The École was set up to provide a professional (institutional) environment for a rigourous combination of research and practice.


    Seven participants from France, Italy, Turkey and the United States form the 24th session of the École du MAGASIN:

    Betty BIEDERMANN (b. 1990, France)

    Costanza CIABITTI (b. 1987, Italy)

    Sophie LVOFF (b. 1986, USA)

    Martina MARGINI (b. 1988, Italy)

    Théo ROBINE-LANGLOIS (b. 1990, France)

    Asli SEVEN (b. 1981, Turkey)

    Chloé SITZIA (b. 1990, France)


    Publications released by the École

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